#6 Poetry : By The River Styx…

My silent tears fell on the

Black waters of the river

As I sat beside Styx and wept

And they were lost forever..

The souls drifted on

Their tormented faces never

To see the light of Cheerful

Life and Hope Ever..

Despair..Hatred.. Pity..Horror

Torment..and Eternal sadness..

Loneliness.. Sorrow..Gripped me

And I stared on Helpless..

Am I the legend of distress..

Sitting on a lonesome shore

Waiting for a hopeless hope

When you are there no more..

The memories they fall down

Into the cascading depths of Styx

Turning ashen and colour devoid

Burnt and pale like the Onyx..

Burned like charred embers

The Ripped pieces of my soul

As the lights in them were snuffed out

Never will I be again whole..

Styx seemed so unforgiving..

So full of eternal suffering..

Yet to me Styx felt gentle..

So carefree and welcoming..

I stripped down into nakedness..

Disrobing my guilt and sorrows..

My conscience raw and vulnerable

Into the cold unforgiving watery furrows..

The coldness..touched my spirit

Ah so gentle and soothing..

The fiery touches of black water-flames

Unhappy laments of souls crooning

The lullaby of Death’s Eternal Abyss

Made my soul beautifully sway..

Seemed so heartbreakingly beautiful

Memories of a happy lifetime seemed Faraway..

The waves of Hatred

Thawed the burning

Eased the pains inflicted

Ending all my suffering

The River Styx.. the river of hatred

My mortal wounds it Healed

And rekindled the burning spirit of life

The spirit to be avenged

From the grip of Mortality

The hatred made be fight

The shackles of pain broke

And in my Insight

A beautiful life was saved

From the Clutches of Grief and death

For it was not the time

To breathe my last breath.




-By Soumya Bunk

Mortality is an inevitable constant but that should not be a cause to hate one’s own life or end one’s own beautiful life, we need to be warriors of can fight grief and pain..one’s own conscience is the best weapon to win a battle against one’s own grief and battle of pains and misery.

A Walk Through My Dreams


The transition journey of the picture.. as requested…


This Picture is dedicated to a very special person in my Life….with whom moments spent feel like elixir drops from an enchanted spring…and in a very short time..the bond feels as if forged in some ancient tapestry of Destiny..

All the elements are very dynamic and inter-related and very much related to the special person.. And I thank him for inspiring me to pick up my brushes and play with colours to conceive this creation..

Thanks for being an elder brother to me..

The Picture is Mixed media:- Pen and Ink,Water-colour and Pastel Shades.

#5 Poetry : As Death left My Side…

Beside the Sick bed I sat ..

All Serene and calm..

With my head bowed low..

Holding my dew cold palm..

My heart was frantic

Anticipating the future,inevitable ..

Judging every moment before mortality

That was available..

I looked at my reflection

In my Mother’s face

Pale and ashen,listless

Without a hope’s trace

She sat in front of me

Her Far away eyes..

Speaking tales of a million sadness

Of a happiness devoid sunrise..

I remember the summers..

I spent with my Grandfather

I remember a Spirited Old man

Chasing wishes and dreams rather..

Than sitting idle or at ease

Or resting for a moment..

Teaching me the ways of life

Disciplining my youthful torment.

Those loving and caressing smiles

Those bright Sunny afternoons..

Under the cool shades..

Tales Of life that won’t end soon..

That cheerful trinkling laughter

And the sublime eyes twinkling

Memories so beautiful of a lifetime

Gently my heart was breaking…

Yet I stayed strong..As i reined in

The surging flood of misery..

Wrecking my insides

As he laid deathly still and sickly..

Words dissipated in the air

Between me and my mother

We did not voice our fears

As we sat unmoving together..

The slow strained breathing..

And the distorted rhythms of impending death

Wavered our blissful Hopes..

Of life and It’s Faith..

Time slowed down its pace

As if getting ready for

The impending Cascade of torments

Ravaging the peaceful shore..

A cold shiver ran down my spine

As I felt the presence

Of the dreadful Entity

Death of Severance..

I could see him smile

And stand beside be politely

And feel his assuring hands

Placed on my Shoulder ..gently

A pang of sadness

Pierced through me

His consoling smile

Confirmed the inevitability

My questioning eyes

Looked at him with cold

Tears of Agony….

I asked him.. “Behold..

Death..The sorrows you cause”

His smiling lips parted

But there was no answer

Only his eyes sparkled

Anger born of agony

Ripped out of me

But he stood still

And stared on calmly

I twisted and writhed

Writhed in Untold pain

But Death stood still

My pain was in vain

Realizing my futile attempts

For Death stood still…

I went Numb

As coldness seemed to fill

I looked at my Grandfather

He seemed to be sleeping

But the warmth was lost forever

Devoid of silent breathing

I looked at my mother

Her bloodless tormented visage

Confirmed my fear of that day

Death got up on his carriage..

I ran after him as fast as I could

Telling him to stop

Screaming my lungs out

But he did not stop…

I ran and ran…

But he never ceased..

To whip his horses..

But time started to freeze…

Death looked back..

His handsome gentle face

Shattered my hopes

As he slowed his pace..

He came down from his carriage

And wiped away my tears

His cold gentle touch

Burned down my fears..

But tears kept overflowing

In a silent parade

I rested my face on his Chest

As he caressed

He made me look all around me

The blazing thousand Summer afternoons

With me and my grandfather

The memories bursting out of cocoons.

Our smiling faces all etched

With happiness of bliss carefree

Of golden sunny moments

Never again to be true

Death got up on his carriage

As I bid Him silent tears of adieu

Leaving behind a precious Gift of Memories

Which I couldn’t see before you..

-By Soumya Bunk

#4 Poetry : Another Poem On Time….

With Time We Bind
With Time We Seal
Lock Our Hatred and
Wishes To Fulfill
Here And Now
We Take this Vow
To Future’s Promise
We All take A Bow
The Promise To Be Kept
At A Later Date
We Shall Return
To Re-Live Our Fate
Hence Forth We Proceed
And Bury The Past
And Keep Our Promises
Till Our Breaths Last..
-By Soumya Bunk

Time is so fragile..and it changes so fast that we mere mortals who just have the time of a yards span..often forget to live life and indulge in loathing,jealousy and loneliness..the essence of time is change and we have to learn that there will be good times..and there will be bad times too..and we should not lose ourselves in any particular section of time and get stuck in life ..we need to flow just the way time flows by..


I looked at the moon
On a lonely shore
The bright White Rays
With hope evermore..
Shone on my face..
And glittered on the sea..
Soothed me with happiness..
I could never foresee..

I looked at the moon
Lost in the forest..
Through the thick canopy..
It shone on a lonely nest..
Filled it with radiance..
Of a time long-lost..
I curled up on the thicket
Without counting cost..

I looked at the moon
Atop a sand dune..
A clear bright Picturesque..
Of an ancient Starry rune…
A path to the Oasis
It showed me..
When I was lost in mirages.
It rescued me..

I looked at the moon
On the deserted Pathway..
Soothing my insecurity…
Preventing my Astray..
As the darkness crawled in
It held my hand
Dispensing my Gloom..
In an Unfriendly land..

I looked at the moon
When the bittersweet tears..
Rolled down my cheeks..
Bringing all my fears..
The moon seemed real
And calmed my storm..
A serene and silent
An ethereal form..

I looked at the moon
On my bed..as i lay
Illuminating the book pages
With its White-gold ray
Unfolding stories
Of a Righteous fight ..
Of prince and princesses..
And giving me flight..

To the moon I flew
In my dreams of desire..
A land so surreal..
I went higher .. and higher…
I looked down on the earth..
Lush green and blue lagoon ..
Again I descended to Illusive reality..
Forgetting the Moon..

I never looked at the moon
The tangle of life..Caught me in its swing..
Strangled my freedom..
And nailed my bright wings…
The moon was still shining bright..
Still a dazzling constant..
My evanescent life..
Faded into Insignificant…

—-by Soumya Bunk

We often forget the little constants in our life.. and become too busy with the meddling affairs of life.. We all need a constant on which we can rely..and something that helps us to focus in life and make it easier..

#2 Poetry : REVENGE

I walked the edges of Life and Death

With a sense of Loss..

And a taste of Betrayal.

My feet bled blood rose-red..

I felt each thorn as it tore my skin

And broken glass..pierced my heart

I felt the coldness seeping inside

It trickled in me like a frozen fountain

It was you who asked

Will I always love you?

And I Had said let Death even try to take that truth..

I begged sweet Death why

Did He not take me away.. before

I had to taste the sharp fangs of perfidy

All I was rewarded with was.. a deep silence

And the crashing sense of eternal Sorrow..

It was then..

You who came to love me..

When I had given up on myself…

You whispered the words that would soothe me..

And give me a moment’s bliss..

It was you who warmed my heart

With strange hope ..and Happiness I would feel..

You coiled me in your Diabolic Arms..

And I rested my head on your shoulders..

Crying my heart’s silent sorrow..

You looked at me calmly..

And your eyes burned with Evil Fire..

It drew me in .. like a spool of Love…

And I believed in a reason..

A cause that now burned inside me..

Like an ember that was never put out..

It grew inside me ..and you helped it nurture

A  thought so cruel to ..

Bring Happiness for me..

I took the knife out..

Of oh.. so sweet revenge..

And I slit His throat..

In the Darkness of Night..

All was silent..once again..

Your Blood seeped out and drenched me

With a sense of end..

All the thoughts of my Final happiness..

Left me now..

As I stared into your Cold dead eyes..

And I stood drenched in your betrayed blood..

Like beads of Ruby shining in the dark..

Words like betrayal..and revenge..

Now felt hollow like my Soul..

And you bled silently to Death..

I looked for Revenge..

Where are your shoulders now.. I need to feel

Where is your comforting touch..

My heart turned stone cold..

And then I saw Death..

Looking at me with his Handsome face..

I smiled at him..

He gave me a malicious grin..

And turned his back upon me..

I clutched at the hem of his cloak..

And he now returned a smile of Pity..

Why did you betray yourself?

Why did you embrace Revenge?

I release you..

But will you be happy..

But will you find peace..

He looked down and kissed me

With his cold sweet lips….

Death took me…

As I felt the Poison in me

Taking my breath away…

—-by Soumya Bunk

This is a poem on Revenge.. and why Revenge is never the Answer..It revolves around a Person who is betrayed by someone and then he turns to Revenge to seek happiness..


Pretty little hearts get crushed all the time..

But will I walk on eggshells..

Or should I just be mime..


Three little birds sat on the branch…

And sang a song of desire..

Hear pieces of my heart  crunch…


The time we had in the bubble of bliss..

I loved it.. and you too

Never heard the serpent’s hiss..


I put on my blindfold and let time fly..

With moments precious..

Cherished each day by..


Let myself hear only the praises of love

How wonderful is the idea

Oh my heart’s dove..


Time is a strange thing so is the heart

It speared through us

Like a deadly dart..


Out of the bubble the World is still there

But where am I?

Like a branch set to wither..


Opened my eyes to a gloomy day

The day was bright

I wish you would say..


I wish you would come and hold me tight

As strong as you can

As will as you might


Cause pretty little hearts get crushed all the time..

I ceased to be happy..

And turned to a mime..


A strange thing is Time, the wounds will heal

I hear them say

But nothing do I feel


Life is cruel why does it have to go on?

I cursed it and scowled

But life went on


Life said to me please let time flow

The world is big

And I’ve many things to show..


Cause your little angel heart is pretty

Beats not only for you

But for the whole world you see..


Your heart maybe little or crushed now and then

But your will is strong

So let your life happen


Life that you see is a mere image

Don’t be selfish

Don’t waste it in a rage..


Don’t you now go into despair

When the time is right

You will find your pair..


Life that is yours you have to share

With people you love

For them you have to care


A taste of betrayal sets a spark within

Which tough and bitter

Is life’s little medicine..


Don’t be afraid to walk the path alone

Alone you maybe

But never forlorn


The three little birds harped on a song

A song of life

Of wisdom and a promise of long…

by Soumya Bunk

Well this is a poem for all the people who got betrayed in life not only a betrayal by a person but also betrayal by time or situation of life…

Cooking in my Kitchen #10 The Classic Indian Chicken Masala

Well I usually like experimenting with  food and add new flavours to my cooking but this Sunday it was all about the classic way and I cooked the Indian chicken masala..

And here are the pics for a visual treat..



Trust me the pictures are quite realistic and yes they are as spicy and oily as they look.. well more spicy than it actually looks.. haha

Anyway it makes your taste buds go haywire with their powerful spicy taste and simply is a treat that you would not like to miss.. enjoy.. 😀

Cooking in my Kitchen #9 THE ANNIVERSARY FEAST


Yes it’s the 3rd of February and also the 24th  Wedding Anniversary of my parents…and yes there were gifts and cakes..Choco-muffins..




And the Anniversary Feast lunch was prepared in their honour by me..

Here’s a picture of what was there in the menu..




There was the traditional Bengali dish.. The Vegetable Pualo made with stir fried vegetables and Basmati Rice entrapping the sweet aroma of ghee and garam masala (cardamom, cinnamon and cloves)..





And the traditional “Sorshe ILish” which is a preparation of Hilsa fish with Green Chillies and Mustard Paste Sauce..giving it the tinge of heat and strong aroma of mustard…





Then there was A Mutton Curry with Potatoes .. a spicy curry to complement the Vegetable Pulao..



The feast was indeed great and I was happy that my parents enjoyed it a lot..and we had all the happiness together..I wish my sister was also present to celebrate this happiness with us .. but well she couldn’t come due to some complications..and by that I mean her studies and University..

Anyway I was happy that the dishes were quite successful in bringing joy to my parents’ hearts through their taste buds..









There was also the Traditional Indian Raita.. which is a sweet and soury Curd Salad..and the Almond and Cashew nuts with tangy Black Grapes.. black grapes are very good anti-oxidants.. 😀






And Lastly ending the feast on a sweet note with the sweet dessert of Tomato Sweet Chutney  with Cashew, Raisins and Arabian Dates..


I hope we celebrate more of these events in the future and have great meals..

Hope you also enjoyed this panaroma of colourful food delights.. 😀

Dealing with Emotions 101



Emotion..damn that word sets so many things in motion inside me… yeah yeah emotion and “motion”.. I know .. that is very cliché.. but hey… the word does stir up things inside you..

So yes..lately I have been very emotional for sometime and a bit jumpy.. and yes relationships in  the battleground of Emotions take the first rank..and then comes family, responsibility,society…and yes pretty much everything that has to do with life. You just turn around every corner of life and stumble upon them..and that is a good thing..cause you no without emotions you become a rock and well also a certain thing that starts with the letter ‘B’ (five letter word..well sometimes vulgar and in some cases a compliment).

Some people say “Don’t let emotions cloud your judgement”.. but the real question comes down to the point that what are we judging, who are we judging ,does being the “Judgement Maker” help you to be a better person and will the judgement help you to be the person who you want to be? I know these sound as mumblings of a fool.. which I definitely am one, but I will try to simplify these questions that I have raised.

Everyday life is full of choices from the simplest ones like getting out of bed to the more tougher ones like should I break up with someone to have a better life..okay okay.. and a lot harder choices like future career aspects. Every choice is a judgement and every choice will someway bring about the emotional factor at some point.

Some people say  “I am very emotional”.. what does that mean even??? Does it mean that other people don’t have any emotions.. or does it demand that I can’t handle emotions so the people around me will have to handle it??

Every person has emotions.. for some it is superficial and for others it’s deep seated. Some people find life easier by displaying their emotions and others are comfortable by keeping it inside them.

Now coming back to the questions I raised earlier..”What are we Judging?” .. I think it is pretty simple.. by that I mean we should know that the thing which we are judging in life will help me to be happy with myself.. and so before judging that thing we should do research on “WHAT” we are judging..

Moving on to the next question “Who we are Judging?” This becomes tricky because now this kind involves other people and their emotions too, so the first Question that  needs clarification is that “Do I have the right to judge that person?” and then another question should be “Is that person’s emotions going to hurt me because of my judgement?”.I guess I have clarified the main Question with two new questions which are rhetorical obviously..

Sometimes judgements are harsh and interconnected with many people in our lives…and hence judgements not only sway our emotions but also the emotions of other people linked with it..But you should always judge the way which enables you to be true to yourself.. and in future you can tell yourself yes .. that judgement has really helped me to be the person I am..

I have refered a lot of judgements that deal with the Future tense in life.. and at this point someone might say that .. what the heck we don’t know the future and we cannot start consulting the astrological ambiguities to make a decision or judgement…yeah I definitely agree with that.. so by future I mean the future that you want your life to look like…

Coming to dealing with emotions…there are so many emotions which I really cannot fit into this article..the basics being  Happy and Sad.. and theres are infinite branching of emotions under these two… To deal with Emotions .. the only way is to face them… you have to face them.. and in facing them if you need someones help there is no problem you can ask for help and if you thing you yourself can tough it out then.. you should be confident that you can deal with them…

Sometimes it helps to display your emotions..and share it with people…sometimes your emotions touch someone else’s life and makes them happy…and sometimes you need to be alone to deal with them and let it out so that it does not affect others…

Some people might say that to deal with emotions get a hobby … work hard … distract your mind.. some even opt for the drugs(conventional and non-conventional).. but hey.. how are all these other things.. help you with emotions .. they are just other things which will momentarily help you to allude your emotions but they certainly won’t just erase them out..or..poof ..like magic your emotions vanish… they will just delay the process of facing your emotions…and on one fact I will agree that sometimes.. a bit of delay does help you to prepare ..for facing your emotions…

Just before I end this.. article.. the main thing behind dealing with emotions is all about right judgements and feeling better about yourself and being true and good to yourself.. remember.. it is you who rules your Life and it is you who will have to deal with consequences of your judgement..and yes your baggage of emotions ..you deal with that too.. Don’t run away from them..emotions help you to be a stronger and mature person and in the long run..they are what give shape to experiences in life..

Anyone with questions please ask me.. 😀