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Cooking in my Kitchen #12 The Rash-Malai

The Rash Malai is a Bengali dessert which is a delicacy for not only the sweet-toothed Bengalis but also to people who have a great love for desserts.


It is actually sweetmeats (Rasgullas) in a reduction of Milk. The Milk is reduced to a thick creamy texture which is flavoured with Elaichi (Green Cardamom).


After a delicious main course meal an equally royal wat to end your meal would be with the Dessert Rash Malai. Best served when cooled. The sweetmeats melt in your mouth and  the thick creamy milk compliments the taste buds equally.


A dessert which is simply good for the summers.You  can garnish it with Kesar or chopped Cashew Nuts to make it even more tastier.

PS: If you have an extra sweet tooth , it’s not necessary that it has to be restricted only as a dessert.. you can have it anytime. 😉



Cooking in my Kitchen #9 THE ANNIVERSARY FEAST


Yes it’s the 3rd of February and also the 24th  Wedding Anniversary of my parents…and yes there were gifts and cakes..Choco-muffins..




And the Anniversary Feast lunch was prepared in their honour by me..

Here’s a picture of what was there in the menu..




There was the traditional Bengali dish.. The Vegetable Pualo made with stir fried vegetables and Basmati Rice entrapping the sweet aroma of ghee and garam masala (cardamom, cinnamon and cloves)..





And the traditional “Sorshe ILish” which is a preparation of Hilsa fish with Green Chillies and Mustard Paste Sauce..giving it the tinge of heat and strong aroma of mustard…





Then there was A Mutton Curry with Potatoes .. a spicy curry to complement the Vegetable Pulao..



The feast was indeed great and I was happy that my parents enjoyed it a lot..and we had all the happiness together..I wish my sister was also present to celebrate this happiness with us .. but well she couldn’t come due to some complications..and by that I mean her studies and University..

Anyway I was happy that the dishes were quite successful in bringing joy to my parents’ hearts through their taste buds..









There was also the Traditional Indian Raita.. which is a sweet and soury Curd Salad..and the Almond and Cashew nuts with tangy Black Grapes.. black grapes are very good anti-oxidants.. 😀






And Lastly ending the feast on a sweet note with the sweet dessert of Tomato Sweet Chutney  with Cashew, Raisins and Arabian Dates..


I hope we celebrate more of these events in the future and have great meals..

Hope you also enjoyed this panaroma of colourful food delights.. 😀