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Cooking in my Kitchen #13 Spicy Chicken in Tangy Yoghurt Sauce

Well once again after quite sometime I am working with chicken, The Universal favourite Meat. I like my chicken spicy and juicy and packed with Exotic flavours.


The Chicken is firstly slow cooked so that it becomes spicy and soaks in all the flavours with minimum oil. It is very essential that it is slow cooked and cooked deliciously. The chicken should be Tender and Juicy just the way you like it.


The Tangy Yoghurt Sauce needs to be separately prepared in a bowl with a few flavours which are raw and not cooked. You can add in some tangy spices to give it the sour touch. Or give some freshly chopped celery or coriander or tomatoes. Mix it well and let the yoghurt sauce stand for a quarter-hour or so. After it pour it on the spicy chicken and blend everything in together.


Then add some secret spices and sprinkle over some sweet love and you get the Spicy Chicken in Tangy Yogurt Sauce. Its spicy and tangy and healthy and cooked with very little oil. Enjoy it with Steamed Rice or Flat Breads or simply eat it and enjoy a burst of exotic spicy flavours of the tender juicy chicken with the tangy kick of yoghurt sauce.




Cooking in my Kitchen #10 The Classic Indian Chicken Masala

Well I usually like experimenting with  food and add new flavours to my cooking but this Sunday it was all about the classic way and I cooked the Indian chicken masala..

And here are the pics for a visual treat..



Trust me the pictures are quite realistic and yes they are as spicy and oily as they look.. well more spicy than it actually looks.. haha

Anyway it makes your taste buds go haywire with their powerful spicy taste and simply is a treat that you would not like to miss.. enjoy.. 😀

Cooking in my Kitchen #8 Chicken With Bell Peppers and Jalapenos


Ending the Year with a delicious feast is what I had in my  Mind… and yep I did it..

Well the above pictures are of the creamy delicious chicken with crunchy Bell Peppers and Hot jalapenos… they are like a kick of hotness in the creamy chicken.. well enjoyed with Paranthas (Indian Bread) and Vegetable Rice with coconut shreddings..

Had a good feast with my Mom and Dad.. Anticipating a great New Year ahead.. and wish you all the very best and a Happy New Year ahead.. enjoy 2015… and fill it with everlasting memories…