#15 Poetry: The Kiss of a Nightmare

Inside the Room,

All the windows were shut,

The doors locked.

Outside in the cold Night World,

The vehement Storm raged on

With a tempestuous speed.

The Room lit up,


With the mellow flashing lights

from distant and

nearby thunderous lightnings.

The sound of a Demon’s

grumbling, unfulfilled appetite

Resonated within the walls

From time to time.

The solitary person,

trying desperately to

get some sleep,

Woke up from a


Breaking into a cold dewy sweat,

Only to find that

it had never ended.

It was just the beginning,

with a Kiss from Death.

-by Soumya Bunk

#14 Poetry: How afraid I am

I fear for the farmers who have taken on loans and have their produce rotting away on the fields,

I fear for the daily wagers who have no customers and saved money running out rapidly,
I fear for the police who go out daily to maintain the lockdown,

I fear for the health-workers who have to be in the battle without the proper safety gears, even enduring brutal attacks in places,

I fear for the people who cannot avail medical services,

I fear for the hungry stray animals roaming the afternoon heat without the usual leftovers on the streets,

I fear for my sister trapped thousands of miles away unable to return home,

I fear for my mother who steps out of home daily to go to the hospital,

I fear for those who need to hold people close to keep their darkness away,

I fear, and I fear again for every little soul.

by Soumya Bunk, 2020

#13 Poetry: Just for the Love of Pash

All night long,

I weave and I sew and I knot,

A thousand scenarios of dreams and

Desire in a Fate’s tapestry

Only to be dispelled by the

Dawn of morning light,

Where courage loses its voice.

These feelings of Love

My dear dear love, so strong,

At night the darkness of this desire

Clutches my heart so deep

With talons of passion,

Till Dawn it bleeds the dew of Fantasy

Never to be realized in the Morning Sun.

My love,

There’s no Ego, no Pride that reigns my confession of Love

For you in my Heart’s pit,

I can sail the moon’s ocean

Even search for stars brighter than the Brightest Sun.

But never will I be able to confess,

Cause losing you for the sake of Love

Seems selfish on my part,

Cause losing you by my side as friend

Would be Unbearable. Unacceptable.

My Love.

So let me dive into the depths of these

Endless nights,

Where memories of You remain sublime.

-By Soumya Bunk

#12 Poetry: The Three Vices

As the Princess flitted down
On the lovers strewn lane
She walked with elegance
Whilst trodden hearts throbbed in pain.

With no caution to the wind
She moved on and on
With no regrets on her part
A hundred and one hearts forlorn

The first lover appears
In the form of symmetry
The Princess remembers, the world, says “In symmetry lies the beauty”

A perfectly inevitably natural choice
World screams “Well chosen destiny,
The Princess found her match”
With a Lover,Love; Spring Hither-by

All the flowers, the birds, the bees
The colours, butterflies, sweet breeze
Gentle kisses, passionate hugs
Faithful promises, luxurious ease

Dreams to reality, wishes fulfilled
Songs of love and mellow whispers
For months and months and year
Perfectly sickly sweet tears

“Oh this is monotonous” lover
Stop this everlasting Spring
Where is the Magic,Everything
is perfect, Symmetry is not Everything

Back on the road of Lovers
The Princess walks by
With the woe of the World behind
A Mistake, feared she won’t survive.

Out of the Page from the Devil’s Book
Stood, next Chaos in line
To find magic in disorderliness
Poets claimed is Divine

The Princess embraced Chaos
Brutal kisses ignited a fire
Unpredictability Vulnerability Spontaneity seemed debonair.

Traveling and wondering
Singed and tattered was her dress
The chaotic sparks and blaring love
Formed a reality of mess.

The Princess cried tears of rage
Cursed the chaos.
Chaos said”Alas there’s nothing but asymmetry”
Bidding farewell to her loss.

The Princess cried out and clasped
Chaos in her embrace
“I will change you my beloved,
For me will you change?”

A wicked happy smile spread
Gently on his face
“How can you convince the
Ever-changing to change.”

Abandoned, the Princess on the street
Now with no more lovers in sight
Staggered with lost hope
To the darkness succumbed her light.

The world screams “Oh the poor,
Poor Princess” and under-sighs
With satisfaction, “Serves her right!”
She walked on, the end was nigh.

The third one was standing
She could see from afar,
Reaching the end she found no-one
But a standing huge ornate Mirror.

She cried out and collapsed
In front of it, no more to be
The greatest vice is one’s reflection
None other than Me.

-By Soumya Bunk

#11 Poetry: The Beloved Cage of Winter

On the Rickety branch

I sat in despair,

The Winds of bitter Winter,

Shrouded the Claustrophobic air.

My wings felt clipped

With overlaying snow,

The frozen River mocked me,

Slowly meandering on its toe.

Then I heard the piercing Tone

Of your Song of Spring

The beating broken Heart

Kindled inside me, and started Hoping.

It felt like flying over

Poppy fields, brightly so

Coloured in blazing Red,

Kissed by a setting Sun’s glow.

The Rickety branch,

Sprouted leaves of New Green.

The River now danced with a

Graceful golden sheen.

We flew to the meadow,

And layed on the soft Grass,

Staring at the fluffy white Clouds

As they gently pass.

Your Arms around me

Were like tempered Steel,

Resonating with promises

I believe you will fulfill.

I danced and twirled and

Kissed your neck gently,

And placed Iron Bars around you

To build your Cage so beautifully.

I brought wreaths of Lavender,

Of Daisies and Roses and Lilacs exotic,

Embellishing our Cage,

Removing weeds that seemed toxic.

The Seasons of Monsoon,

Autumn, Winter, Summer went by…

Everlasting Spring in our cage

Never bid them goodbye.

I held onto you enfolded in my arms

As you embraced my soul

You looked out into the Darkness

Your eyes longing for Diamonds in the Coal.

As days went by, was Bliss all there

Perhaps I was the one disillusioned,

Everlasting Spring in my Heart

To your Soul no more appealed.

The Wreaths of Lavender, Daisies, Roses and Lilacs started withering away

I clutched at them desperately watered them with my Tears

But instead of flowers came the Weeds of deception

Toxic Poison Ivy clutched at my throat, as I gave into my fears.

Hair disheveled

My wings all dusty

I looked at your tattered Being

And eyes of Hemlock Beauty.

I broke my heart and

Took out the Golden Key

Placed it on your Hands

Ever so gently

You opened all the Doors and all of them Windows

The Sun so Bright, with Rays of Aurum flew in

And the Winds so tepid, nimbly walked inside

You left the broken Cage, with a spreading grin.

I plucked all my Feathers

One by one

Counting Time in Seconds

Hoping you would return

Rivulets of blood

Ran down my back

Cometh Days of Cold

Solitary Winter Black.

On the Rickety branch sat a little Bird

Chirping it’s melancholic heart out

Seasons went by, Summer, Spring and Autumn…

Beloved is the Winter, Cold without doubt.


by Soumya Bunk

Cooking in my Kitchen #20 Chicken Legs in Burnt Garlic and Onion Sauce

Chicken is probably the easiest and most common meat to be cooked all over the World and hence there are so many ways of cooking it, and its delicious as it gets.


Burnt Garlic is probably a very unique flavour and not palatable for everyone. But I love it immensely it provides a kick to the taste of the dish.


The caramelized onions provide a perfect balance of sweetness to the spiciness of the different Indian masalas (spices). The strips of Green Bell Pepper provide a crunchy deliciousness.


The chicken has been actually baked in the sauce and virgin olive oil has been used. Being baked, minimum oil has been used to prepare the dish in order to make it healthy as well as delicious for everyone. Best when served with hot, steamed Basmati Rice. But is also well complimented by Chapattis and Paranthas (Indian Flat Bread).


Healthy Food #2 Exotic Fruit Salads, Pomegranates, Kiwis and Dragon Fruits

So when Life gives you lemons you make Lemonade out of it….But what about, when Life gives you Pomegranates, Kiwis and Dragon Fruits??

Well the answer is you make an Exotic Fruit Salad out of it.

This Exotic Fruit Salad consists of Kiwis, Pomegranates and Dragon Fruits.

And this is as healthy as it gets. The sweetness of the Pomegranate Seeds with their blood red goodness balances the bland taste of the crunchy Dragon Fruit. Let’s not get started with Kiwis, they are one of favourites. The tangy, soury, sweetness with the grittiness of the seeds is really exotic.

So wishing everyone one a Healthy Life with this beautiful morning fruit snack.. well you can have it any time.

Cooking in my Kitchen #19 Basanti Pilaf with Chicken Curry essenced in Aroma King Lemon Zest

Cooking a special Sunday meal for your family and loved ones, and the joy it brings to them makes your weekend all the more special. Today was all about a traditional Bengali Sunday afternoon meal.



With the winter setting in… the chills can be felt with the incoming sudden blasts of the Northern Winds..and a Bengali likes to bask in the sultry afternoon sun after a good lunch. Basanti Pilaf is a preparation of rice with minced vegetables, cashew nuts, raisins and is a bit sweet and the appearance is yellow and hence the name Basanti which means yellow.



The Basanti Pilaf or Pulao that I cooked of course had its own twist to the traditional Bengali Recipe, a little less sweet with honey and a bit more spicy to give it a touch of heat. To compliment the sweet and spicy Basanti Pilaf , the Chicken Curry with Aroma King Lemon zest is just perfect. The tangy citric taste and the exotic aroma of these lemons are truly incomparable flavours when it comes to the Bengali Cuisine. The chicken is slow cooked to make the meat tender and juicy along with all the flavours of the spices.


The Basanti Pilaf is touched with a drizzle of Ghee (clarified butter), to give it an extra boost of aroma. Well what can I say it’s really mouth-watering and a perfect dish for a Sunday winter afternoon lunch. Hope you enjoy it. Good Food is Happiness and that’s what one needs to be healthy and alive!!



#10 Poetry: Ode to Eternals and Inevitables


Is it fair to Dare to be happy?

When you cannot even count the shattered pieces of your heart


Is it beautiful to dream?

When all they do is bleed when you kiss them like a Lover


Is it hopeful to promise falsely?

When every time I break them I lose a piece my heart’s hollowed Soul..


Is it ever wise to touch Lovingly?

When time knows how to burn my impression down gracefully..


Is it daunting to walk into a Battle?

When you desire your own Liberty in Vanquishment


Is it timorous to run away from the War?

When the conflicts inside you are tearing apart every strand of hope.


Is it valiant to walk the path of life?

When you know you are plummeting down the traps of your Creative Designs.



Is it sincere to change?

When you know change is Inevitable but you long for the constant cocoon of fragile Eternal happiness.


Is it unprejudiced to question?

When all the answers have been etched into the core of your consciousness.


It is.. it is.. it is.. it is.. it is.. it is.. it is.. it is.. it is..


-By Soumya Bunk


Life is almost always about dealing with dilemmas and choosing the right things.. they are difficult choices but the pain.. is alleviated.. only  a little when one learns to accept their choices…


Walking through the Forest of my dreams

I stumbled across this beautiful song,

The melody carved my heart and transcended

Into the depths of memories where I belong.

In my haste to surround me with this strange music

I forgot the bliss the thorns gave me

As I hurried barefoot across the forest floor , the music 

 Resonated in the broken heart which had ceased to be…

The forest cleared and I could see,

The strange blue fire illuminating my darkness,

Burning like the brilliant million stars 

From the Starry skies of my Dreamscapes.

And I saw the solitary Moth

Dancing around the fire,

Flapping the wings of silk black death

And the flames lapping around it with desire

As they circled around each other like lovers

The symphony of bliss weaved the webs of ecstasy

Lovers they were of centuries and millenias

Sublime passion igniting their fantasy

For when the Moth gave in and it kissed the fire

It never denied its own true nature

Singeing the black silk wings it liberated the being

From its inevitable mortal desire.

And I sat wondering was this melancholic

Or is it very poetic of romance

To die in your Lover’s loving embrace

Blissfully leaving the realm of existence.

                                            -By Soumya Bunk

Sometimes it’s just okay to lose yourself in love, not worrying about any consequences or the inevitable predicaments of Life.